(2004) Inspired by a trip to Turkey-
Written by Maurice Noble and Tod Polson
Directed by Tod Polson and Mark Oftedal
(2011) Inspired by my experiences in Ireland.
(1999) My masters thesis at Cal-Arts. Inspired by the stories and people of the Northwest Coast.
(2004) A proof of concept test for Khan Kluay. A Thai feature I was directing with Aaron Sorensen.
It's subtle, but I was trying to marry something super commercial (which is what the studio wanted) with Thai traditional art and motifs (which is what I wanted.) This was our compromise. 
(2010) I served as the animation art director and production supervisor. 
(2001) Created as a pilot for Cartoon Network with Dave Thomas. 
(2004) Behind the scenes making of Khan Kluay. 
(2008) A super low budget music video for musician Ethan Gold. 
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